042212: Hot
Super hot day. Party with friends & fam. Basketball. Sprinklers. MW3. Too much like Summer already.
042012: Brentwood

After school, went out to Brentwood to visit the Halau there. It was good to see then again!
041912: CSTs 

Last of the CSTs forever! Happy mini day.
041812: Lexy
English portion of CSTs. Lunch @ Nathan’s with dad. Boba w/Lexy & Kristina. Home. Good day.
041712: Foodporn

First day of Star Tests. Learned a new Haka. Wing Stop. MW3. Good day.
041612: #ootd

Hot days for days.
041512: Playoffs
GDMAC did well this weekend, but unfortunately didn’t take anything home today. Next year is ours!
041412: Sports

Team GDMAC. Good stuff for the first time out.